Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza

Dan Miller talks about pursuing work you love. Part of a discussion I had with him included parts of his recent book, Wisdom Meets Passion.¬†We didn’t talk about education in the interview, but he outlines 10 simple steps to advance your education without acquiring massive student loan debt. Here’s a basic outline of his list:

  1. Read (or listen to) at least twelve great books.
  2. Attend 3 or 4 seminars.
  3. Subscribe to at least two great magazines.
  4. Listen to 3 or 4 informational podcasts and read 3 or 4 blogs each week.
  5. Get involved in a social networking community like 48days.net.
  6. Reach out to help someone else.
  7. Acquire at least one new skill this year.
  8. Become comfortable with your presentation skills.
  9. Design your own health and fitness program.
  10. Plan two trips this year.